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Get Creative Therapy, LLCKristy Baker, MSSA, LCSW


Please come here often for creative ideas to stimulate your imagination, find coping activities, parenting ideas, and just plain old inspiration.  Here you will find some pLaY date information to do at home, in between sessions.



Please also follow my Pinterest page with Conscious Discipline videos, sensory activities, art project ideas, and much more.  Click here and Follow Me!

Pinterest:  a grown up version of the bulletin board full of cool things snipped from magazines, beautiful images that filled us with inspiration. Whether it's a recipe you'd like to prepare; quotes that inspire you to reflect; images of interesting subjects (interior design, lands far far away, or even antique tins), spending a little time on Pinterest can only serve as a Muse.  You will leave more inspired, stimulated and insightful.  


My Pinterest page includes parenting videos from the techniques I may discuss with you.  Watch them to help you anchor a skill.  Watch them again just to remind yourself.  Add them to your favorite playlists so you can watch them when you are mobile.  Dr's appointments, gymnastics, any time that you have a few minutes, watch one of them.  Your confidence will benefit greatly!


The items I have pinned on my Pinterest page are not recommendations.  They are simply creative and interesting ways of managing many situations.  Let's talk about something that caught your interest to determine how you could utilize the activity or information.   

A Thera-pLaY workshop with teachers who wanted to experience the benefits of creaTiVity.  Each team had a directive and a pile of non-traditional, recycled art supplies.  This team built a cooperative city.

In this Thera-pLaY workshop, a group of students created Self Portrait Dolls.  They enjoyed the opportunity to display how they wish the world would SEE them, and reflect upon how they view themselves.  

Psychiatrist, Counselor, Psychologist, Social Worker...what in the world is the difference?  


Choosing a therapist for yourself, or your child can be very confusing.  Please read on to learn the difference between these licensed professionals.


A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has studied mental health and can prescribe medications.  They generally do not provide weekly therapy.  Psychiatrists will conduct an evaluation within a 1-2 hour initial session, and will then give a diagnosis.  They generally will prescribe medications for that diagnosis, and often will recommend therapy in addition.  Patients will see their psychiatrist 3-6 times per year for medication and symptom managment.  In AZ, they have the letters MD behind their name.


A psychiatric nurse is an advanced practice registered nurse, who has studied mental health.  They can evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe medications.  Often, they do not provide therapy, but instead, provide the same types of services that a psychiatrist does.  In AZ, they have the letters PMHNP behind their name.


A psychologist has a PhD in Psychology and is often trained to provide standardized testing.  They may work conducting research; for a school providing testing to students (school psychologist); or they may provide therapy.  In AZ, they have the letters PhD, or PsyD behind their name.


A licensed counselor is just that.  A person who has a master's degree in counseling, and is providing individual and/or family therapy for the population of their choice.  They may be in private practice, or work for an agency or group practice.  In AZ, they will have the letters LPC behind their name.


Finally, a licensed clinical social worker is a professional who has a master's degree in social work, and an advanced clinical license in their state of practice.  Social workers are trained to help people within their environment, by considering all of the systems within which we all function (ie, family, work, neighborhood, community, society).  Social workers are aware of community resources, and often use a multi-disciplinary approach to working with clients.  In AZ, they will have the letters LCSW behind their name.  **This is the degree and perspective that I have***



"The best use of imagination is creativity.  The worst use of imagination is anxiety."  

                       -Deepak Chopra

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